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Yarrow Free, LMT #25225

Coping with Chronic Pain and tools for Resilience
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Yarrow Free



Connect the dots between the BODY and Mind
Yarrow utilizes healing touch and guided meditation
to journey into the body for integrated healing

Healing Treatments

Resilient Wellness was created with the intention of facilitating 

personal empowerment and alignment through alleviating Pain & Discomfort in the body.

Yarrow fortifies this work with the belief that Embodiment and Wellness practices allow for true lasting change to be seen in one's Life Experience. utilizing Bodywork & Massage techniques, as well as other Healing Art practices, Yarrow aims to support you with reconnecting to the

Resilience inherit to your body, mind and spirit. 


Through alleviating stressors that tax the Nervous System, the body has an opportunity to

return to Stillness and Homeostasis (Self-Healing). Yarrow utilizes a variety of Western & Eastern modalities that support this endeavor; creating Freedom of Movement, Reduction in pain,

deeper Breathing, access to inner Resources, and General Relaxation.

Through opening to the gifts of massage and other bodywork techniques, we are able to drop into a space of Relaxed Vulnerability. Through this practice of Vulnerability we are able to Listen to our bodies and find Acceptance, Compassion, and Courage.. the primary ingredients for Resilience!

:: Focused Reset - Massage and/or consultation  :: $110

- 60 minutes   

- Focused massage on areas of specific stagnation/pain. 

- Discuss your patterns of Chronic Pain & tools for Resilience

- Hot towel compresses & Aromatherapy  (optional) 

ideal for injured clients and acute trauma recovery

:: Deep Unwinding Massage :: $160

- 90 minutes

-Deep Tissue, Myofascial techniques, Abdominal Massage, craniosacral Techniques

- Hot Towel compresses, Hot rocks, Aromatherapy, Cupping

*Most Popular

:: Somatic Journey :: $210

- 120 minutes 

- Intention Setting & Consultation

- Deep tissue, Myofascial techniques & lymphatic massage 

- guided meditation to  unwind & re-pattern

- Hot rocks & Hot towel compresses

- Cuppings, Sound & Aroma therapies (Optional)

* customized for Deep Self Care

quan yin

I highly recommend the CURABLE app as a tool for coping with chronic pain.

*I do not work for, nor do I get kickBacks from this company, I just really appreciate their  product and the science behind it.*



Life is full of potential, and the path of coming into wholeness is unique for every individual.

As a holistic health practitioner, Yarrow honors the Body, Mind and Spirit, and tracks Archetypal causes of suffering that create stress in the Nervous System - which is our connection to the Energetic/Electrical system of Life itself. 

Our Sacred Wisdom texts point to one Truth, and that is the journey of Illuminating the Heart. 

Let us walk that path together.


Within the scope of his practice, Yarrow aims to kindle the spark of imagination that allows us to explore possibilities to help us reach deeper levels of healing; but more specifically to alleviate physical restrictions that compromise the sense of Freedom in our Bodies.

As we all know, the world is changing at an unprecedented rate; as we continue to bring ourselves into balance, we support the elements coming into harmony around us. We counter this imbalance by creating a deeper connection to our Bodies, addressing our Shadows, & awakening to our inner Light.

We chose to be alive at this time to caretake the living organism that is this planet, and it's as dynamic as the people inhabiting it. When we rediscover this synergy between the microcosm and the macrocosm, we step onto the path of self-healing. I believe that One of the most profound gifts we can offer this Great Turning is connecting to our own Resilience and Internal Listening, which starts with Self-Care and carries forth into Service.

  The 5 elements make up all living things in the Seen World: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

They give us reference points to evaluate our place in this perceived reality. They are as Valuable to track as the 7 Directions and following the Stars in the Sky. They can manifest and be aligned in an infinite amount of variations as we dance through life. A layer of our work begins when we embrace our power within the elemental world, and begin shifting our emotional and physical states into alignment with our Heart. This process can be supported by journeying into the Unseen World to connect with other parts of ourself.

The Unseen is called forth by many names, and it often speaks to us through a myriad of symbols and synchronistic events every day. sometimes this force asks us to slow down, quiet our minds and listen to our body/inner voice to find the next right step on our path to healing.

I often find myself amongst the inspiration of these words in my own healing.

i endeavor to support you in connecting with your version of this vision and facilitate a Safe Space for you to explore this terrain. whether in silence or spoken, I am here for You.


I have walked a long road to Healing my own Traumas, Brain Injuries and resulting Nervous System Issues, Digestive Struggles and Chronic Pain; So I am meeting you with an immense amount of compassion and Personal Experience.

 This practice has opened with the intention of bringing people together to cultivate positive direction on this planet, and so that we may all shine brighter and spread our ripples of inspiration. This work is derived from a culmination of many techniques; including various Massage therapies such as Deep tissue Massage, Myofascial Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, Craniosacral Techniques, Subtle Energy & Sound therapies,

Trauma Release & general lifestyle Support. 

Delivered through the lens of Elemental Medicine, Herbal Wisdom & Tantra Yoga Philosophy.



Heart Illuminated Testimony


"Yarrow's treatment opened up some great conversations between me and my body. I have never been attended to in such a caring, deep, and sensitive way. I'm feeling lasting effects 3 weeks later.."

- Anna B. - Sebastopol, CA  


"I had a one hour massage session with Yarrow and it was amazing. I have had professional massages before, but not one with an Ayurvedic focus. Yarrow listened really well and customized the session to my personal needs. I would recommend a two hour session or more to really get the most out of it! I left oily all over and feeling great, and the room has a wonderful feel."

- I.S.  Sebastopol, CA


"My experience working with Yarrow was profound. During a powerful session with him I was able to delve into my own spiritual pain and darkness and gain new insight which continues to influence and transform my life in a very positive and meaningful way. I appreciated Yarrow’s gentle and respectful technique, his strength in holding space for me to do my work, and his skillful attention to my process. I genuinely felt that he was with me every step of the journey, even through moments that were extremely challenging. He is a gifted and powerful healer and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

- A.T., CHT - Arcata, CA


"I lost my son in April 2011. Cody was my only son, so this has caused me to stop and really look at things in my world. Since that loss Yarrow has been there for me, always taking the time to talk and put real thought into his suggestions for me mentally and physically. He is a very driven and insightful young man and I see him making a change in our world. He is a soothing voice of calm in the strange sea of wicked waves we're tossed about. Yarrow has helped me to remember to care for myself and live on bravely; as well as helping me process a lot of the things I never thought I could have. Yarrow has a wide vision and is very intuitive into the ways that we work."

- A. V. - Mountain View, AR

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Yarrow Free, LMT #25225



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Sebastopol, CA

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